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Baroque Opera with a virtual lead singer 2

As a second stage of the Tableau Parlant project, the entire opera is produced by Opera Zuid - partner in the SIA RAAK project.

In this second stage, we dramatized the influence of the virtual singer. In a new design, his presence is felt throughout the whole piece - as a dark beast hanging center stage.

It turned out that producing the full length, regular opera in just a few weeks, was the main stumble block. It proved to b quite harsh on the singers. The main role, who was partially virtualized, proved to be quite tough. It was quite funny to notice that the 'general public' blamed the process of virtualization for being slightly put of tune and out of rhythm, while it was actually the original recording of the main singer which was a bit out of key.
The public tends to ignore or embrace virtuality as long as it functions, and immediately blames it for everything which might go wrong. As such, virtuality becomes a hiding place, a scape goat and a refuge at the same time.

Performed by students of the Maastricht Academy of Music,
Conducted by Jeremy Hulin
Virtual Singer design by Tom Luyten and his students of C-MD (Communication and Multimedia Design)
Stage design and light by Peter Missotten
Directed for the stage by Nynke van den Berg.