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a new production by the young performance collective Urland.

Performing on Jan. 17-21 at 20h30 in Huis van Bourgondië Maastricht.
Feb. 25 & 25 in Melkweg Amsterdam.
Feb 28 in STUK Leuven (BE).
photo © Rene den Engelsman
Somewhere in outer space...

A new world is arising.

Two brothers reunite.

Or don’t they?
Silver and Reifer are the two brothers in this intergalactic tale. Silver allegedly died twenty years ago. When sent by Earth to find new ground to live on, the last thing Reifer expects, is finding his long lost brother on Mars. Brotherly rivalry, jealousy, pursuit of power and irrevocably: Death. The power to rule, lies within the Pixel.
In this Science-fiction world, URLAND disturbs with a combination of miraculously good B-acting and the classic laws of Gesamtkunst. Inspired by well-known stories of brotherhood such as the mythical Romulus and Remus, or the religious Abel and Kaïn, URLAND create their own new myth in outer space. House on Mars: PIXEL RAVE is a TechnOpera with a live DJ on stage.
URLAND is a new performance collective from the Toneelacademie Maastricht, consisting of 6 men, each with their own expertise: Sound and Music (Jimi Zoet), Costumes (Karel van Laere), Light, Stage and Production (Marijn de Jong and Ralph Kooijman) and Texts and Dramatic composition (Ludwig Bindervoet and Thomas Dudkiewicz). Their combined work is their modern Gesamtkunst.
For this production they work together with Techno-producer Tomas Loos, a mastermind in the Techno-scene.

URLAND: Karel van Laere, Jimi Zoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Ludwig Bindervoet, Ralph Kooijman, Marijn de Jong
DJ: Tomas Loos
Production: Het Huis van Bourgondië
a coproduction with: Toneelacademie Maastricht, SIA-RAAK

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