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ILLBEGONE: Starting the Virtual Body....

This performance premiered in june 2010, as part of the SIA RAAK research on the place of the virtual body in theatre performances. Created by young performers of the Toneelacademie Maastricht in collaboration with performers of the Manchester Metropolitan University, it picks up on the concept of the angels - probably the first true virtual bodies in history.
The research focussed mainly on the technical possibilities of blending real performers with their virtual copies. Amazingly enough, it proved to be quite easy to confuse the public (and even ourselves). At some point in the performance, the real performers gazed at their copies.
During the working process, the essential violent process of virtualization sipped into the performance. Just as the fallen angel became the origin of evil (Lucifer, fallen from the heavens became the big boss of hell), just as most virtual role playing games are extremely violent... also this performance took a turn for a quite misogynistic and dark story.

The performance played in Maastricht and Amsterdam.
It won the ‘IT’s Guest Award’ for the best foreign student performance at the IT’s festival in Amsterdam 2010.

At PSi#17, the Performance studies international conference in Utrecht 2011, the performance was shown on DVD and discussed.

Ruth Benschop made an interactive site based upon her research into the working process of ILLBEGONE.
You can find it in the site

ILLBEGONE is now available on DVD (English spoken) - get it by sending an email.

Direction and stage design: Peter Missotten
Performed by: Lourens van den Akker, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Karel van Laere, Davy Pieters, Nick Steur
(Toneelacademie Maastricht)
texts by Florence Wheeler & Lisa Williams
voice: Richard Green, Florence Wheeler & Karel van Laere
Sound technique: Lisa Williams / Mathieu Wijdeven
Video and Light technique: Jack Dale / Joey Schrauwen
(The Department of Contemporary Arts at MMU Cheshire Manchester (Manchester Metropolitan University))