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CREW has been working with the last year students of the Theatrical Performer Department of the Theatre Academy of Maastricht (Nl). During 4 weeks 4 young artists will create, together with CREW their own new version of the C.A.P.E experience.
In their first week, they are joined by PhD students of the Central School of Speech & Drama of the University of London.

The project resulted in a full blown, new immersion game around the theme of Horror. How actively can we experience horror in an immersion. Even more than other C.A.P.E. productions, this projects flirts with the boundaries of the acceptable. How far do you want to go? How fare are you willing to go?

Again, violence as a theme played a major role in this project. Violence is a fantasy at the core of virtuality. The virtual world frees us from guilt and sin, and almost invites us to live our darkest dreams, our worst nightmares. If you could kill somebody, wouldn't you?


CREW is a company that operates on the border between art and science, between performance art and new technology. Artist Eric Joris develops his live-art projects in close collaboration with a collective of artists and scientists. Electronic and digital media form the basis of a unique artistic way of thinking and the engine for aesthetic experiences and reflection. This results in hybrid performances that question and redefine commonly accepted performative parameters.