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Baroque Opera with a virtual lead singer

In this project we intend to introduce a virtual singer into a really old fashioned, comical baroque opera: 'Le Tableau Parlant' a 1769 opera by the French composer André Grétry.


In a first move, we explored mainly the technical issues of this project. How could we integrate the virtual singer in a live performance without a click-track? How would the sound blend in with the live singers? Would the reaction time of the soft- and hardware be acceptable? Tom Luyten of C-MD (Communication and Multimedia Design), worked with some of his students on these technical aspects of this project. You can find a nice movie on the working process on his site. Again, it proved quite possible to construct a workable, virtual singer within the short timeframe of this first attempt. An extract of this opera was presented at Alden Biesen Belgium, directed by Joost Steltenpool. This first project is a collaboration between Opera Zuid - partner in the SIA RAAK project - and the Barokopera Amsterdam, conducted by Frédérique Chauvet.


Joan Ribalta tenor
Catherine Veillerobe soprano
of Opera Zuid
Wendy Robol soprano
and the musicians of the Barokopera Amsterdam
conducted by
Frédérique Chauvet

In a second move, the whole opera will be produced by Opera Zuid,
with singers from the conducted by. Stage design and Light by Peter Missotten. Virtual Singer design by Tom Luyten and students of C-MD. Directed by Nynke van den Berg.